Da Vinci Conference Rooms

Uniformly connected.

Four rooms that are separate from each other but still belong together: connected via central corridor and foyer, these rooms are ideally suited for group work that requires discussions every now and then. They also offer the ideal space for private discussions in a discrete setting.

The advantages of the Da Vinci rooms at a glance:

  • Multifaceted: suitable for both group work and one-to-one sessions
  • Extendable: central foyer for greeting or for relaxed discussions between guests or participants
  • Communicative: equipped with free Wi-fi andmodern conference technology
  • Pleasant: air-conditioned and can be darkened if desired

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RoomsqmTheatreClassroomHollow SquareBanquetU-Shaped1.5 m distance
Da Vinci 175453020362010-15Yes
Da Vinci 275503520362011Yes
Da Vinci 375503520362011-13Yes
Da Vinci 44620171318127-8Yes

Further technical information and all important data can be found on the following PDF file:


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